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About Sybil snowflake


Grab interest not the boobies.


Sybil doesn’t think everything anyone says or does is sexist or racist.

Sybil isn’t a w_nker (not in public anyway) but she likes a bit of banter.

Sybil thinks we should all lighten up a bit (OMG is that racist?) 

Sybil is mixed race. A bit of black, brown & white. Today she identifies as brown and you can call her a Brownie.

Sybil thinks we should have a sense of humour and laugh at our differences a bit.

Sybil believes the reason we are all a bit depressed and lonely is cos we’re so bloody boring!

Sybil doesn’t mind if blokes (or lasses) wolf-whistle at her, it makes her feel alive.

Sybil loves the old Brit comedies like Only Fools, Rising Damp, Are You Being Served?, In Sickness & In Health, Benny Hill (She was one of the birds Benny chased), Monty Python, The Two Ronnies, Mind Your Language, On The Buses, ‘Allo ‘Allo, It Aint Half Hot Mum, Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (Loads of mums still bloody well have ‘em)


Generate excitement by tickling her fancies

Sybil thinks those that want to take away old statutes of heroes & villains need a good seeing to.

Sybil was accused of touching up a load of men but got off and so did they.

Sybil thinks the leftie media, BBC, Sky, ITV and mainstream are a bunch of tossers and are brainwashing us.

Sybil voted for Brexit cos its all about numbers coming in, public services & £10+ Billion payments to the EU each year. She also knows the EU exports 3 times as much inc. a million cars to UK so needs us more, she recalls that before 1973 the UK traded with the rest of the world successfully.


Are you a Snowflake?


Sybil is pregnant -she knows who the father is (kind of) but won’t say cos she gets more benefits this way.

Sybil will be going back to her job as chief cheer leader on Formula One wearing scanty clothes, hoping to get pregnant again! If not, the Yanks want her, with or without any clothes.

Sybil is all woman. She isn’t confused about her gender & believes we are either men or women.

Sybil never fakes anything (not in public anyway) and requests you do the same.


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