About Co-Parenting


The new way to being a mummy or daddy.

The modern definition of co-parenting is a process where two people work together to raise a child without a physical or sexual relationship in the conventional or evolutionary sense.

 Or where divorced parents work to bring up their kids even though they are divorced or separated and no longer live together. An example of co-parenting is when a divorced mother and father share legal and physical custody of their child.


How to donate sperm:Generate excitement

AI = Artificial Insemination (Pot + Syringe outside of clinic e.g. in Recipient's house or hotel)

AI+ = AI with recipient co-operation (Donation obtained with recipient present and giving assistance in the room and this could be anything to stimulate the donor e.g. parading, mutual touching, a helping hand, oral, anything other than intercourse. The recipient then inseminates the donation as per AI

PI = Partial Insemination (Donor masturbates and just before coming will ejaculate into the Recipient - i.e. intercourse strictly for procreation not recreation.)

NI = Natural Insemination (Unprotected Sex)

NI+ = Oral sex followed by Natural Insemination (Unprotected Sex)


Lets not forget about the kids.

We must not try to corrupt a million years of human evolution. A mother and a father is best if possible. 

'Co-parenting' booming as new way to raise children

Non-traditional families are becoming more popular around the world. Even so, it's not always easy to work out how to handle the challenges unconventional family life can bring. Co-parenting website Modamily helps its subscribers find parenting partners.CCTV America's Karina Huber filed this report from Los Angeles.

New modern family: Friends as co-parents

"Parenting partnerships," or "friends with kids," is emerging as a new trend, putting a twist on the concept of family. 

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What is COPARENTING? What does COPARENTING mean?

Coparenting refers to a parenting situation where two or more adults work together to raise a child even though they are not necessarily the biological parents, living together or in a romantic relationship.  The term 'post-separation coparent' is used to describe a situation where two parents work together to raise a child even though they are divorced or separated .  Through this process, the parents seek to maintain equal or some shared responsibility to benefit the child's upbringing.

Co-Parenting Without A Physical Relationship?

A new website matches singles who'd like to have a child together – romance strictly optional.  

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A Private Sperm Donor with over 80 kids

One man in the Netherlands has fathered over 80 children. 

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Sperm donor: 'I've fathered 800 children'

The number of women using donated sperm to get pregnant is rising, but many find the cost of treatment at private clinics prohibitive. This has led some women to use unlicensed donors - but are they putting their health at risk? Simon Watson, 41, has been an unlicensed sperm donor for 16 years, donating once a week.  

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Hey guys, it's been a crazy week. In this video I talk about how I discovered I have at least 3 siblings from the same sperm donor. If you are interested please check out my other video on the subject here:  I'M A TEST TUBE BABY: MY ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION STORY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCIzV... Social Media Links: Insta, Snap, Facebook, Twitter: @kayleekapital

Co-parents, but not romantic partners

Tatiana Busic is a single heterosexual woman and  Brendan Schulz is a gay man. They're co-parents but not romantic partners. CBC Toronto's Makda Ghebreslassie, has the story.  To read more: http://cbc.ca/1.3982908