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Naked yoga for beginners

1) Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature. Put on the heater if your room is cold.
2) Close curtains to shield from sight of neighbors to see you naked.
3) Create a place for practice. Put your yoga mat on the floor.
4) If you can, move your computer or laptop next to the yoga mat on the floor.
5) Hit “Play” for the naked yoga practice video of your choice. The teacher of the Naked Yoga School will guide you through the practice and when to take your clothes off.
6) Have fun

Naked Yoga - Meditation Paradisvogel

Meditate free from all distractions including clothes.

Yoga Classes - Naked Yoga For Beginners

Its not about titillation: stop being so narrow minded.

Nude yoga

This video was made for educational purposes. As the ANATOMY of a YOGA  POSE can be experienced much better by viewing the body NAKED, this  series is done in the NUDE (in the ancient Indian monk tradition of the  Naga Sadhu style of yoga).

Yoga for Complete Beginners ( Naked Yoga )

No she doesn't get her kit off, you silly girl...

Naked Yoga - Meditation Selbsterkenntnis

We are all born naked...

Naked Intermediate Pilates 2 Half and Full Roll Up

The half roll up and full roll up are essential for fluid movement in  the spine. I break down the specific steps movements. The  "C" Curve is established in the body here. I show the variations of Roll  Ups that can be done as the viewer's core gets stronger and flexibility  increases. Engaging the core more and truly utilizing the breath will  aid in the more advanced sequence that includes raising the legs. I remove my clothes for freedom of flow and deeper  connection to my self.

Naked Yoga School

We will guide you through the experience and  help you cultivate security, strength, centeredness and wholeness.  Nakedness is often viewed with shame and fear. This practice is geared  toward removing this shame, fear and other limiting self perceptions and  instead bring you closer to pride, respect, honor, openness and  acceptance. We help  you gain confidence with your body. We are all born naked. It’s OK to be  naked. There should be nothing to hide. Let’s do naked yoga and feel  free!

Naked Comedy 1: Naked Worker!

This is the very first naked comedy show performed by Collibrina.
If enough people like her comedy, then she will do more naked comedy videos. Please help her by buying her videos! Funny and honest evaluation of what would happen if we responded to everyday jobs the way we do to people who are naked in some way for pay...all performed by an actual nude lady.

Naked Beginner Pilates 9 Standing Leg Exercises!

In this video I show Standing Leg Exercises and Variations.  I show  single and double leg movement and how they can be beneficial for the  joints and spine. I challenge myself by raising the hands above the head  increasing the core's need to be strong and stable. Being nude helps me  to show the movement more precisely.

Naked Guided Meditation 1: Chakra Check-in and Balancing!

This video will guide practitioners through a meditation on the chakras, addressing each of the seven energy centers posited by Hindu and Buddhist Tantric traditions.  This meditation is very effective when practiced daily, either in the morning (after bathing, but before eating), or in the evening (before bed)

Naked Shaking Meditation 2

How to practice a qigong-inspired shaking meditation meant to get the blood circulating, the skin tingling, and wake up the life energy inside the body. This meditation is wonderful to practice first thing in the morning to bring awareness to the whole body and can also be practiced as needed throughout the day to prevent sluggishness.

Naked Intermediate Pilates 4 Hundreds

The Hundreds is the primary exercise in Pilates after your warm  up. It stabilizes the trunk(torso) and warms up the core in preparation  for the series of exercises to come. Though the basic Hundreds is a  difficult exercise; once mastered you can challenge yourself and the  strength of your core by adding some layers. By extending the  legs, placing them at lower angles and/or moving the legs steadily and  fluidly while pumping the arms you will take yourself to the next level.  Start slow

Naked Meditation in Motion 3: Breath of Joy & Laughing Yoga

 A pranayama technique known as Breath of Joy and also give a short session of laughing yoga. Both techniques are designed to get the blood flowing and stimulate the third and fourth chakras - our centers of motivation and compassion respectively. Our brains are often thought of as mimicking the action of laughter, this causes our brains to produce the same neurochemicals as it would if we were laughing spontaneously. Laughing yoga is especially helpful for people dealing with depression

Naked Meditation in Motion 4: Throat Chakra Release!

This practice is good for those who store tension in the shoulders, neck and jaw, or who have communication issues. Practice a shoulder releasing technique affectionately known as "empty coat sleeves" as well as a pranayama technique called Lion's Breath to open the throat. This meditation helps to ease tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck, jaw and tongue. Making this meditation a part of your daily practice can give you a lot of insight into your fifth chakra - your communication center.

Naked Intermediate Pilates 1 Warm up Variations

Pilates takes a lot of fluid energy with dynamic and specific movement.  Breath is very important. Its takes tremendous effort on the body and  mind. If you are interested in taking a Pilates class a good, efficient  warm up is important. A warm up can be done by all levels. The removal  of my clothes allows me to be more on touch with my body. In this video I  show you how to warm up and in preparation for your Intermediate  Pilates class.

Naked Walking Meditation 3

 This video will demonstrate how to practice walking meditation, encouraging practitioners to bring mindfulness to a commonplace activity that we often take for granted. We begin slowly, guiding the breath and focus until mindfulness is established, and then there is a silent period to practice maintaining that focus. We end in a short seated meditation for contrast.


I started studying YOGA as a child in 1967 and began teaching in  1999. I am CERTIFIED by a school in INDIA (Delhi Yoga) and qualify for  registration with the Yoga Alliance of America at the Advanced Level; I  have studied under more than 200 different yoga teachers over 40 years,  in more than a dozen different styles of yoga including Kripalu,  Sivananda, Iyengar, Bikrams, Jivamukti, Kundalini, Hatha, Yin, Pranayama  (breathwork & meditation), Power Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, and  Ashtanga.