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Let's Be Loving The Gift. Rocks,Crystals, gemstones in Romford & Religious!

We have crystals, gemstones, devotional spiritual religious items, one-off gifts, collectable comics, pagan witchcraft & more

The Real Santa Visits Loving The Gift.

Santa Just Loves The Gifts...

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FINALLY, A CURE FOR SNOWFLAKES & ITS ONLY A QUID. LovingTheGift.Com: mission is to boldly go where no snowflake has gone before and to seek out new a new world and a new civilization: to save the world from Snowflake Mania. SYBIL SNOWFLAKE TO THE RESCUE.. It's only a £1 but the Snowflake Obsidian balances your emotions & can help cure your, (or a friend's, or someone you don't like) super-sensitive mentality, get it in-store whilst stocks last.

WHERECANWEGO.COM Find out more on Healing & Tarot Card Reading Event

Meet Rain Mcmanus on Sunday 2nd December


Reader; Teacher; Therapist; Witch:

I am a self-taught Tarot reader and have been reading professionally for 24 years and teaching Tarot for 8 years. I give clear detailed readings on your life in general and give the opportunity for you ask questions or for more in-depth information on any area of your life.

I have been practicing Reiki for 12 years and am currently on the 3rd year of my Masters. I am a member of The Reiki Association where I am the Verification Officer and I represent The Reiki Association on the National Reiki Council. I practice the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki and my style is closest to the Reiki that Mrs Takata first brought into the western world. 

Find out more: meet Rain on YouTube first, CLICK HERE
Event on Facebook, 31st October at LovingTheGift.Com, Romford Shopping Hall, Essex, RM1 3AB

Get Reiki Healing or Tarot/ Angel Cards Read:

Rain The Witch & Reiki Healer visits in the shop’s private back room at LovingTheGift.Com Romford Shopping Hall, Unit 120, 1st Floor:  

RAIN came in for personal readings on 31st October. After the success of this visit, she will be arranging another session, soon. 

Book a time between 10.30-3.30 pm: £25 for 30 minutes for a full private booking

£40 for an hour with Rain

Get your Tarot/Angel reading or Reiki Energy Healing!

To book: email lovingthegift@Yahoo.Com or text or WhatsApp on 0797 3317402

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Loving The Gift

Unit 120 1st Floor Romford Shopping Hall 43 Market Place Romford Essex, RM1 3AB

07973 317402

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Legendary RAIN THE WITCH coming in for personal readings on 31st October  HALLOWEEN: book now via email or instore, Reiki Touch Healing and Tarot Crads or Oracle/Angel Card Readings £25 for 30 minutes, £40 per hour. 10am to 6pm: reserve your space now. Phone, text, email or visit us.

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Welcome to LovingTheGift.Com formerly known as Loving Jesus. We are on the First Floor next to the escalators on the left going up in Romford Shopping Hall next to Aldi on Market Square. The shop will be a fusion of everything: mindfulness, spirituality, alternative, devotional concepts and new age. With collectable vintage as well as the usual gifts. Personally, we are happy to respond to personal and written requests for those who want some one to talk to or want to share their emotions and challenges. Feel free to drop in or pop us a private email to lovingthegift@yahoo.com

Spend over £100 and choose a free Rocks & Minerals gift box. 


Religious Christian Devotional

Loving the gift has a double meaning: loving the gift of life- with all its ups and downs, as well as loving the gifts that we have in the shop. We stock a range of devotional and seasonal items and gifts as well as new age rocks, tumblestones and minerals, from Rose Quartz to Moonstone, from Gold Tiger Eye to Red Jasper, from Amethyst to Amber and a lot more besides.

We will be developing the self-help side of things as we feel there is a lot of latent demand for personal maintenance in this age of social media and obsessions with 'stuff'.

We are also stocking a selection of vintage and collectable comics and related items too. This is a work in progress so bear with us.


Spend over £50 and get a free Pink Agate Healing Stone

“The Agate is a great mystical stone for rebalancing and harmonising body, mind and spirit. It cleanses and stabilises the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity.   Agate is believed to enhance mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities.”

We will also be sourcing more hand made and personal gifts as well as vintage collectable gifts. This will take time to develop. Please phone or email us to before coming in if you are unsure.

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